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the grinch who stole statistics

December 8, 2010

As I plotted our second major project for Statistics this semester, I was completely happy.  We had made it into probability distributions, which meant we had just crossed the border from introductory to serious Stats.  In another week and a half, I can get them into binomial distributions as well, and the rest of the course should fly by until we get to hypothesis testing and, the Holy Grail, regression analysis.  We can do it.  I can do it!  It will just take the next three weeks of…

Wait, I can’t do it.  Winter Break.

Once upon a time, I loved the holidays.  Even now, I can respect the need for a break when all seems dark and bleak.  But the idea that my classes have to sit back for two weeks of forgetfulness is crazy.  If there is any sort of LEGO building block style of lesson planning, then I will have to review for at least a week when we return, as well as devote next week to wrapping up an incomplete lesson before the break ruins everything.  To add even more agony, in another four weeks, the semester will end.  Students will soon move on to new classes, and I will find myself teaching Linear Algebra instead, using my wasted regression plans for tinder as I attempt to use fire to keep the darkness at bay.

It isn’t that I regret the happy time people will spend away from school.  I just regret that my course will be so choppy as a result.  Someday, I’ll plan this thing out right.  Maybe the fifth time is the charm…

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